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Livebase is a low-code platform for rapid development and evolutionary maintenance of management applications.

Welcome to the Livebase Documentation. In the guides section you will find:

  • Basics, intermediate and advanced knowledge on modeling, our low-code workflow for application development.
  • Guides on managing the lifecycle of systems generated by modeling: administration, monitoring, and evolutionary maintenance.
  • A comprehensive reference to the functions of the Designer and the Dashboard.
  • Developer guides and know-how for Livebase Plugins.
  • A complete reference to the GraphQL APIs.

Stay up to date #

The Release-Notes are the official source for updates from the Livebase team, any important announcements will be communicated here. Check it out if you want to stay up-to-date on what’s coming with the next version of Livebase.

This documentation always reflects the latest stable version of Livebase. Should you find inconsistencies in your templates from what is shown, we recommend upgrading your Cloudlets and Dashboard.

Is something missing? #

We would love to receive your feedback. Contact our team to report issues, suggestions or get direct support from our experts.