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You can use the menu on your left to navigate the guides in this section. If you’re reading from a mobile device, you can open the menu by tapping the Menu button in the upper left corner.

The Tutorial guide is a basic course that introduces the main features of the Livebase platform through the modeling, generation, use and evolutionary maintenance of a simple example application. The guide is designed to give you a small appreciation of the power and speed of low-code model-driven development.

The Data Import guide shows you how to import data from legacy management systems into Livebase-generated application databases.

The Plugin Development guide is designed for developers, and shows how to declare Handlers (i.e., extension points) in the classes of a Livebase model, and how to make generated applications call external application logic, freely written in Java, at specific events involving that class (e.g., creation or modification of an object).

The API GraphQL guide contains a complete reference to the GraphQL services available to generated applications, explains the differences with REST, and shows how to perform queries and mutations on the GraphQL Livebase schema.