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You can use the menu on your left to navigate the guides in this section. If you’re reading from a mobile device, you can open the menu by tapping the Menu button in the upper left corner.

  • Tutorial: a basic course that introduces the main features of the Livebase platform through modeling, generation, use, and evolutionary maintenance of a simple example application. This guide is designed to give you a small appreciation of the power and speed of low-code model-driven development.

  • Modeling: a constantly updated reference guide that describes all the functions of the Designer, grouped by Schema.

  • Plugin development: a guide designed for developers that shows how to declare Handlers on the classes of a Livebase engine model, and how to invoke some external application logic at specific events involving those classes (e.g., creation or modification of an object).

  • API GraphQL: comprehensive reference to GraphQL services available for generated applications; illustrates differences with REST APIs and shows how to perform queries and mutations on Livebase’s GraphQL Schema.

  • Cloudlet management: contains guidance on how to set up the Cloudlet localization, a list of its properties and a section dedicated to REST services.

  • Database management: describes all aspects related to evolutionary maintenance of data through the Cloudlet; this section also includes a guide on how to import data import data from legacy management systems onto application databases generated with Livebase.