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Container settings

For AWS-deployed Cloudlets, the size of the Cloudlet container can be manually set according to the user's needs and subscription plan. The container can be defined as the computational resources allocated by the server for the execution of a particular Cloudlet, both in terms of memory and CPU cores.

Container size options #

Depending on the complexity of an engine (in terms of LCP, which stands for Livebase Complexity Points), you need to choose the appropriate size for the Cloudlet container, that is, a size providing a set of computing resources compatible with the complexity of the engine model installed on the Cloudlet.

The available options for the Cloudlet container size are the following:

SizeResourcesEngine Complexity (estimate)
Micro1 CPU core, 2 GB of RAMup to 4.000 LCP
Small2 CPU core, 4 GB of RAMup to 12.000 LCP
Medium4 CPU core, 8 GB of RAMup to 25.000 LCP
Large8 CPU core, 16 GB of RAMup to 50.000 LCP

Choose the size of the Cloudlet container #

In the Cloudlets section of the Dashboard, click on the icon in the lower right corner of the Cloudlet panel and choose the Configure option.

Configure Cloudlet

From the Cloudlet configuration panel, click on the Container settings tab.

Select one of the available options from the Preset drop-down menu in the Container size section, and click the Apply or the Okbutton to confirm.

Set Container Size