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About Livebase

Livebase is a low-code platform for rapid development and evolutionary maintenance of management applications.

Main features #

Livebase adopts a model-driven approach that greatly reduces development and maintenance time and costs. The platform offers an integrated set of tools that enable developers to design application models in the form of UML-derived diagrams, and automatically translate those models into working, virtually error-free applications without the need to write code.

The platform also integrates tools to manage the generated applications (start/stop, backup/restore, user administration, etc.), take care of their evolutionary maintenance (updating the database schema and automatic data migration) and load data from external sources (e.g. MS Excel sheets).

The applications generated by Livebase are completely independent from the platform and have an open architecture based on technologies of proven reliability: MySQL relational database, logic and business rules implemented in Java, GraphQL API for interfacing with external systems and possible web/mobile clients developed by third parties. Native functionalities of the generated applications can also be extended without limitations by integrating plugins that can be developed in Java and can even be hot swapped, without stopping the application.

In the Enterprise environment, Livebase allows you to manage several independent execution environments (development, validation, production, replication, etc.) and to move applications and databases from one environment to another in a simple and intuitive way (drag & drop). Integration of the generated applications with external authentication systems (SSO Single Sign On) and their deployment on third party hosting infrastructures (private or public such as Amazon AWS and MS Azure) is also supported.

Finally, an integrated repository with automatic archiving and versioning allows you to keep under control the evolution of application models designed over time, effectively supporting collaboration between developers and the reuse of analysis and modeling work already done.

Brief history #

Born from a research project conducted at the Faculty of Engineering of Perugia, the Livebase platform is developed by FHOSTER srl, a technology startup specifically established in 2008 with a total investment (at the current date) of about two million euros, of which one million from international private investors and a venture capital fund, and the remainder from reinvestment profits.

Commercially available since 2012, the Livebase platform continues to be extended on a regular basis (currently about three releases per month) in order to improve developer productivity and the quality (performance, reliability) of the applications generated.

Over the years, dozens of applications have been created and are still maintained with Livebase, used by medium and large organizations in a wide variety of sectors, ministries and public bodies (Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tuscany Region, INVITALIA spa, Fundamentals, Italian Basketball Federation), public transport companies (Bus Center spa), the food industry (Birra del Borgo spa), the chemical industry (IterChimica srl) and the biomedical industry (Alifax spa), clinical research (Fondazione ICONA, Ospedale Spallanzani, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore) and metrology (STI Sviluppo Tecnologie Industriali). Part of these systems have been developed with the Livebase platform by independent system integrators (e.g. Reply spa).

Read more #

For more information about the Livebase platform and the company that develops it, to book a technical demo, ask for quotes and propose possible technical-commercial partnerships, write to